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Fruit Slots Games. Main peculiarities

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Fruit gaming machines are the oldest genre in the direction of gambling. For over a hundred years, fruit slots have offered players jackpots and large payouts.


  • The first and most noticeable feature of fruit slots is the images. Mostly, you can the pictures of plums, cherries, watermelons, and other fruits on the reels. Also, the symbols of sevens, BAR, jokers, and diamonds are popular.
  • Fruit slots is a genre of classic slot machines. For most of its history, mechanical and electromechanical slots were three-drum. The vast majority contained symbols of fruit. So now many online slots in this genre are three-reel.
  • Three-drum fruit slots are usually very simple. They offer simplified gameplay, often without bonus games. They contain up to 9 prize lines, so getting a win is quite difficult. Their advantage is the ability to hit a large payout or jackpot.
  • Five-reel fruit machines are also common. Due to the bigger number of reels, such slots offer special symbols, bonus games, free spins, and other bonuses. However, such fruit slots games are often very simple.
  • It should be noticed that in the UK, all the slots located in pubs and clubs are called fruit slots. In such a way, they are distinguished from ones that are located in casinos. Fruit slots in England are limited in rates and payouts. You cannot put more than two euros, and the win limit is up to 500 euros.