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Poker tournament modalities you need to know about

The poker tournaments begin, usually with the same number of chips for all players. The blinds increase gradually and players are eliminated gradually. The most common format for tournaments is the freezeout, which means that the player who runs out of chips is eliminated. About 10% of those registered will receive their share of the prize, based on the points earned. There are also other tournament structures, with certain variations on the basic structure: in some cases, the blinds increase faster, there is re-buying of chips, etc. Click here for idn poker.

Tournaments with Re-buy and Add-on

It is a common form of tournament. You can generally buy a number of chips equal to the initial one. The buyback is allowed for a specified period of time. When that period is over, players still have one more option to get chips: the add-on. The add-on is a certain amount of chips, usually a fixed amount, that players can add to their stack. It is usually the same amount of chips they had at the start of the tournament. Visit this site for idn poker.

In these types of tournaments, we can play less conservatively at the beginning, since we have the possibility of getting more chips if we lose, but it is really unnecessary to sacrifice the expected value just to stay in the tournament.

The repurchase decision must be based on different circumstances: for example, how conservative the rest of the players are, if we consider that there is a possibility of long-term profit, or that money will give us greater benefits in a full ring game than in the game. tournament.

If there is an add-on, it is advisable to take advantage of it and buy more chips. The only time we will have all our money in a poker tournament is at the beginning, so we should try to accumulate as many chips as possible. The exception for this purchase would be if we are playing outside our level.

Turbo tournaments

A Turbo tournament is one in which the blinds go up faster than usual. In these types of tournaments, luck plays a greater role than in other tournaments. Usually the whole game takes place pre-flop, and players tend to push all-in or fold, without half measures. The blinds will quickly eat up our stack, so we should try to steal as many blinds as we can.

Satellite tournaments

There are different classes of satellites, but most require a fairly aggressive game at the beginning, and an aggressive but selective strategy as you progress through the different stages. This is because there are very few prizes for the number of players who usually sign up. In general, the prize goes to the player who has accumulated the most points.

Each type of tournament will require a different strategy, depending on its structure. The most important thing, if we like to play tournaments, is to be able to adapt to each structure and each situation that comes our way. Always keeping in mind that our goal is to reach the final table, so taking care of our stack should be the main concept of any strategy.

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