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Which casino games are best to play purely for fun?

Although everyone has their own reasons for playing casino games, not everyone is there to take it seriously or get obsessed with diving deep into gameplay. Many people play purely for fun and to enjoy the atmosphere on offer at online casino platforms. Having fun should always be the top priority when playing casino games anyway – but this is certainly true for casual players.

If you play purely for fun and to enjoy the atmosphere that online casinos offer, picking the right games to enjoy is crucial. While all casino games are thrilling, some can be more in-depth or serious than others. It is naturally important to look past these and focus on ones which are better suited to how you like to play.

But which games might this include?


If you are a casual gamer who plays just for the fun, then roulette is a good choice. This is an easy game to find online and is offered by all the top platforms. It is certainly a game which Resorts Casino, who are the best NJ online casino around, carries. At Resorts, there are some great roulette games to try, and this makes it an ideal platform for those looking for pure fun when gaming.

But what is it about roulette itself which makes it such a top choice? This is a very easy game to learn, so you do not have to spend time memorizing masses of rules. It is also exciting to play, brings that glitzy land-based casino vibe with it and is pretty fast-paced. As these online roulette tips also show, it is a game which players can find out more about if they choose.


Slot games also tick a lot of boxes when it comes to the best casino games for the more casual player. As with roulette, the action here is fast-paced and this means it never gets boring. In addition, slots are usually packed full of bright colors, fun characters and jaunty music. This all helps to make them a real blast.

Slot games also come in a huge range of themes, and many are based on famous movie/TV franchises. This helps to make them more fun and ensures you will always find a slot that appeals.


A classic portmanteau, Slingo is highly enjoyable and perfect for those interested in playing just for fun. Slingo sees players spin reels and mark off any numbers that come up on the card on-screen. Prizes can be won along the way and marking off all the numbers naturally leads to bigger wins. Bright, easy to learn (with no in-depth decision making needed!) and fast-paced, Slingo is ideal if you gamble purely for fun.

Top casino games for casual players

If you like to play just for fun and as a way of relaxing in your spare time, any of the games we have looked at will be perfect. They all have exactly what the more casual player needs and will be sure to give you lots of thrills each gaming session.

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