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Excellent Betting Guide Tips

The casino niche of today is more than mere luck. The coming of the games on the web and the mobile versions of the game has brought some form of technical value into the betting niche. If you wanted to achieve the best results that will take you to the next level, then you have to get prepared for the technical details involved.

There is no free money anywhere. The casino is no longer a chance occurrence. You are going to achieve the results that mattered if you partner with the likes of agen bola on one condition. You must be ready to play your part in the bargain. An understanding of the market will produce the desired results. We shall be taking a look at one very important aspect that determines the fate of players in the sector. 

The Kelly Criterion

This is one mathematical strategy that any player who is serious about getting the best results must look into. The calculation of the optimal bet size following the value must follow the value offered through any bet. This is calculated through the Kelly criterion. Understanding this app will enable the player to draw the lines between bets. There are two versions of this criterion, we shall explain both of them.

Kelly Criterion Full

The criterion full will tell you about how to employ the formula. This will help in determining the percentage of the bankroll that will be used in the bet. This will give each player the exact amount needed to hit the jackpot at the top.

Kelly Criterion Fractional

The criterion fractional can be exploited if you are afraid of the risks involved in the full criterion. The risks are reduced and your budget will be protected. You are more protected against variance with this approach. Overall, you need a professional template like agen bola to excel in the niche. 


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