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Online Gambling in Thailand and in Asia

Asia is home to over three fifth of the global population and is hence the largest gambling market in the world. Yet, most countries in Asia have stringent laws, prohibiting or regulating gambling. The archaic laws in some cases have not been able to deter the popular spirit of gambling. This has led to an unprecedented surge of online casino. Many governments, including the Thai and the Chinese, are now planning a new crackdown on online casino and gambling industry. This may have ramifications on the regional economies and the future of online casino in the continent may be uncertain.

Online Casino and Gambling in Thailand

Online casino and traditional gambling are illegal in Thailand. There are only two types of gambling or betting permitted by law in Thailand. These are horseracing and national lottery. There is a national horse race that mainly draws relatively prosperous Thais. The national lottery draws more ordinary Thais. No other form of gambling is legal. However, Thais can access online casino and gambling sites that are hosted offshore. Some other Asian countries have more lenient laws and a few have legalized gambling. This has enabled gaming companies based in Philippines and other countries in Southeast Asia to operate sites that can be accessed by people in Thailand.

There are no real casinos in Thailand, not even in Bangkok. Thais can travel to Burma, Laos or Cambodia and partake in gambling at the casinos there. Thais can also access online casino and gambling sites. The government of Thailand has been trying to crack down on sites that are hosted from the neighboring countries and in the Southeast Asian region but such clamps are rarely perfect. Online casino and gambling sites find a way around the blockages by using proxy servers and alternate addresses.

Online Casino and Gambling in Asia

China is perhaps the most stringent when it comes to enforcing laws against gambling. Only Macau has real casinos and also permits online gambling. The entire mainland of China has illegalized gambling. But millions of Chinese are accessing online casino เกม คา สิ โน ออนไลน์  and gambling sites, mostly hosted from Manila in the Philippines. The Chinese government has been in talks with their counterpart in the Philippines to stop issuing new gaming licenses. Those who already have such licenses may not be able to renew them. China sees this cross border gambling problem as a serious issue and is likely to stop at nothing to enforce a complete ban on online casino.

Japan has illegalized many forms of gambling. Lottery and scratch cards are legal. Racing bets such as on horses, motorcycles, bicycles and powerboats are allowed. Online casino and sporting bets are allowed. However, the Japanese people cannot walk into a store or any actual location to bet on sports or casino games. India has lotteries run by some of the states. Gambling is illegal and so is betting but entrepreneurs have found a way around. They have come up with apps wherein people can make fantasy teams and play simultaneously as the games in specific leagues are hosted in real time. Winning players get rewarded in cash. Check out http://thegamblermag.com/ to know more.



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