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Sharp vs Soft Bookmakers: What’s The Difference?

More and more punters are engaging in football betting Malaysia and other types of sports betting as it enables them to add an extra thrill to their habit of watching football games. Accordingly, such betting activity also allows them to earn extra money. 

Traditionally, people have to go to the trackside to place their bet on a specific sporting match. However, people have now transitioned to online betting platforms to partake in online soccer betting Singapore

The continuous development of software technologies and other innovative tech and the increase in reliance on mobile devices has pushed businesses, including bookmakers, to expand their business operations online – this enabled them to reach more potential customers and increase their clientele.  

Essentially, online bookmakers are the ones facilitating sports betting online. They provide the betting markets, calculate and provide the betting odds, accept bets from bettors, and pay them out if they win the betting event. And what sports bettors need to do is create an account on an online bookmaker to place their bets on their preferred sports. 

However, while the registration and betting procedure are pretty straightforward, the process of selecting the bookmaker that bettors will use can be pretty challenging – as not all bookmakers are the same. To ensure that they get the best gambling experience and increase profitability throughout their betting career, they need to select the right one. 

There are certain things bettors have to look for in a sports betting website to deem it a worthwhile platform that will enable them to achieve their goals. Such include licensing, compliance with regulations, sufficient business information, exemplary user interface, customer service, and ratings and reviews. 

They also need to determine if they will be using a sharp bookmaker or a soft one. Generally, the most profitable bookmaker type is a sharp bookie; hence, they are advantageous for professional bettors. On the other hand, the soft bookies are the ones that offer the best betting experience, particularly for recreational bettors. 

Apart from their target markets, these two significant kinds of bookmakers differ in several other aspects. To know more about the matter, see the infographic from 88ProAsia provided below: 


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