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The Dos and Don’ts in a Casino

In everything, there are things to do and those that are not allowed, when we come back to the casino setting, there are things you should do to fit in, some of them are rules and others necessarily not rules but they are like the norms. If you are going to the casino just for the first time, here are the things that you should do and those that you are not supposed to do.


  • Wear decent outfits

This is not a rule as such but it is the norm, it is like dressing for a specific occasion, a semi-official or completely official outfit will do better. The dressing will commonly put you in some class that is assume will be fit for a casino, remember the first impression will make people accept you on the table or reject you.

  • Ask if you can join the table first

This is a very polite way of starting your game play with other people; always ask first before you sit at any table, some tables might just be reserved for a certain group of people and so you may be frustrated if you got kicked out of the table once you sit.

  • Be polite

When you go to the casino, you can expect a win or a lose, either way, you should be able to handle the results, if you have won for instance, know how you can keep calm because the situation can be so overwhelming, and if you lose, don’t be too emotional too.


  • Don’t sit at the table if you will not be playing

The seat at the table is only reserved for players, do not sit at the table if you are not playing, you can be allowed to stand behind the players if you wish to give support to your friend who is playing.

  • Don’t use your phone at the table

This is not just a norm, it is a rule, you are not allowed to use your phone because it is destructive and it sounds offensive to other players waiting for you to make and receive calls, in case you have an urgent call, you can just step away from the table and deal with it first.

  • Don’t rely on your dealer at the table.

Dealers are not allowed to transact anything on your behalf at the table; if you have been given the chips you should place them on the table before going on with the game. Once you have made your decision on the chips, it is final, you are not allowed to change your mind on that, this is why you should be very careful when choosing the chips. For you to make sober decision, don’t allow the dealer to give you instructions as you play, they will confuse you and make you lose your concentration towards the game.

The article placed here from *onlineglucksspiel.de* casino review site which shelters it in German originally.

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