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Winning Baccarat Strategies For New Gamblers

Baccarat is a kind of game that requires skills. At the very foundation of the game lies a mathematical edge. The best choice would be to bet with the banker. Doing so leaves you with a favorable edge of 1.06%. Choosing a tie-bet will leave the house with a higher advantage!! Want to win big?

Baccarat Strategies For New Gamblers

  • Forget betting on ties.

The tie wager exists because some players like to use it – but, at the same time, the casino makes a higher earning. Try to avoid this, as the return percentage is worse than the other two side bets you’d make at the baccarat table.

  • Players and bankers are equal.

Along with the tie bet, you have two other bets – the player hand and the banker’s hand. Both have a similar purpose for wagering. But you should look at how much returns each percentage has. In other words, focus on the player percentage. Choose the one that has the lower house edge and start the game with this.

However, with time, the banker’s hand adds up, and this is what gives you the better return, even after they cut a commission.

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  • Consider your bankroll

Even with a higher return percentage, you can still lose cash in baccarat games. No matter how much you win, your bankroll won’t be the best. This is why you have to keep replenishing your bankroll to carry on with baccarat games. The other option is to learn how to play like an advantage gambler.

  • Play slowly 

One way to build your bankroll is to make smaller bets and play the game slowly. You can do this when playing Baccarat online on your phone or PC. When you’re at a land casino, the safer approach is to bet the minimum table requirement. This way, you limit your risk and your losses.

  • Bonuses

Many Baccarat games give out comps and bonuses easily. These indirectly help boost your bankroll. When you combine the bonuses, smaller wager approach, and playing slowly, your bankroll increases. As a result, you get to play longer.

So, use the banker wager option if you would like to win. Research shows that counting cards can help as well, but the effort in doing so results in minimal change. It won’t help you get an edge.

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