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Pennsylvania Poker is Booming, Here’s Why:

Pennsylvania poker rooms are booming due to the reintroduction of legal, licensed and regulated online poker games. Even at the 40+ table Parx casino in Bensalem, the poker regulars are excited about the chance to play against Pennsylvania’s best rounders on the virtual felt.

Given the fact that poker will be able to be played online in Pennsylvania, poker is expected to have rebirth of interest. Several years ago, poker was all the rage and it seemed like ESPN constantly had poker on telecasts. In fact, many of the world’s best poker players cut their teeth on poker websites of the past. Could the next generation of poker pros come from Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania Poker’s Premier Online Room

Parx casino continues to be the leading innovator in delivering online gaming resources for consumers in Pennsylvania. Bringing back online poker was a natural move because many televised poker events have happened within the state of Pennsylvania.

It is of note that several unlicensed regulators were operating in Pennsylvania nearly a decade ago and many players lost money when these sites were shut down.

Pennsylvania poker players no longer have to worry about this since the state has stepped in created its own expanded gambling commission. Now that online gaming is becoming normalized, poker players all across the state are excited to get back on the grind. As large guaranteed prize pool events are held, many experts believe that poker pros from surrounding states will travel to Pennsylvania just to get in on the online poker action.

Offering Texas Hold’em Cash Games, Tournaments & More

If you’ve seen poker on television, the game they are playing is called Texas Hold’em. This is the variation of poker where you are dealt two cards and the dealer spreads out a community of cards in the middle of the table and the players battle it out over the chips in the pot.

The objective is to make the best 5 card poker hand using your two cards along with the 5 cards spread in the middle of the table.

Poker is one of the easiest table games to learn. With so many poker players in Pennsylvania, the Parx casino app is being heralded as potential game changer for the sport. Not only will the Parx app offer Texas Hold’em cash games, the Parx Casino app will host tournament, sit-n-gos and a variation of other poker games like Omaha or Stud.

Setting the Standard Nationwide

Pennsylvania has become a hub for poker players nationwide. Players from all around the world will visit the Parx Casino poker room in order to get in on all the action. The Parx Online poker room provides a few unique advantages to those just getting into to poker.

Typically, the smallest game a brick and mortar casino will run is a $1/$2 cash game. With online poker, players will be able to play smaller stakes that will help them practice and gain the confidence they need for bigger games.

Pennsylvania poker will benefit immensely from the introduction of online poker given the fact that players can logon from anywhere in the state and play a few hands and sit out whenever they need to resume their daily activities. This added factor of convenience will be sure to help players rapidly play poker hands versus the traditional method of going to a casino, getting on a list and waiting to be called for the game. This provides a win-win situation for poker players all across the state of Pennsylvania.

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